Colonel Arron Scott   

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Character Information
Name   Arron Scott
Rank   Colonel
Position   Commanding Officer
Gender   Male
Species   Human
Age   47
Physical Appearance
Height   6’ 0”
Weight   196 lbs.
Eye Color   Green
Hair Color   Greying black
Physical Description   Arron is physically fit, exceptionally so. His physical appearance reflects his many years as a Marine, seasoned is a good description.
Personality & Traits
General Overview
Arron has fought hard throughout his career. One of the primary advocates of the Rapid Deployment Regiments he was overlooked for command of the first two Regiments as a result of his almost fanatic approach to getting the Rapid Deployment project turned into reality.
Strengths & Weaknesses

- Extremely persuasive
- Skilled in large scale combat tactics
- Background in Engineering


- Stubborn to a point where he can become blinkered
- Often gets frustrated when failing
His main ambition up to this point was to command a Rapid Deployment Regiment after spending years of his life perfecting the principle.
Hobbies & Interests
Arron is extremely interested in Human History, particularly the Advent of Warp Technologies, hence his background in Engineering. From a family of Marines he was brought up on weapons and combat, is an average marksman and practitioner of Military Muay Thai.
Languages   Federation Standard, Basic Klingon and Conversational Cardassian.
Father   Major General Elliot Scott (Ret)
Mother   Ali Sanders
Brother(s)   None
Sister(s)   None
Spouse   None
Children   None
Other Family  
Born to Ali Sanders on September 20th, 2364 on Starbase 611, where he spent most of his childhood. Educated on base he made few friends spending lots of time reading in his room. At the age of 14 his father was re-assigned as a Senior Military Advisor to the Federation President on Earth. At the age of 17 he was enrolled at Oxford University in England leaving in 2388 with a Degree in Political Science. Spending most of his time at university as a committee member of the Officers Training Corps in preparation for his joining the Marine Corps.

In 2388 at the age of 21 he was enrolled and began his 13 month training for Combat on the front lines. At the age of 22 he was thrust in to combat in the Borg War as a Squad Commander with the 21st Infantry Regiment and the rank of Second Lieutenant.

Ascending through the ranks throughout the course of the Borg war, participating in many key conflicts throughout the war, but the one most notable to him was the battle for Starbase 28. While a massive space battle ensued the base was boarded. Arron was instrumental in securing the station from the Borg invasion and saving the lives of tens of thousands of people.

In 2400 at the rank of Captain was given command of the 203rd Detached Unit on-board the USS Idaho. Things were going very well until nearer the end of 2400 where an incident on a planetary deployment which led to him conceiving the idea of Rapid Deployment Regiments. He called in a few favours and got himself re-assigned to Marine Corps Headquarters so he could pursue his idea.

In 2402 the 1st Rapid Deployment Regiment was formed and Arron now a Major was tasked with preparing the Marines that were to be taking the first ship out of spacedock and onto the front lines. He was overlooked for Command of the ship in favour of someone more senior.

In 2404 he was promoted again to Lieutenant Colonel and head of Rapid Deployment training he made peace with the fact that he was not out on the front lines but was instead preparing those going out to fight. Feedback from the 1st Regiment suggested that the training had all been worth it.

In 2410 the 3rd Rapid Deployment Regiment were ready to pass out when Arron was finally given Command. The ship they were assigned was then called the USS Hurt currently in for re-fitting in the DR-32 shipyards.

Arron immediately set off for the shipyards and on route was informed that the ship was to be re-named the USS Biessman in honour of Rick Biessman who had died in combat recently.

On arrival at the shipyards Brigadier General Flood greeted Arron, during a meal with the General and several other Senior Marines he was promoted to the rank of Colonel.


Service Record
2384 - Enters first year at Oxford Studying Political Science
2388 - Enrols in Marine Corps and Officer Training
2389 - Passes out of Officer Training with rank of Second Lieutenant
2389 - Squad Commander: 21st Infantry Regiment
2391 - Platoon Commander: Starbase 28
2391 - Promoted to First Lieutenant
2395 - Promoted to Marine Captain
2397 - Company Commander: Starbase 28
2400 - 203rd Detachment Commanding Officer: USS Idaho
2401 - Promoted to Major
2402 - Tasked with Rapid Deployment Regiment Training
2403 - Given Command of Rapid Deployment Regiment Training Centre
2404 - Promoted to Lieutenant Colonel
2410 - Given command of USS Hurt and the 3rd Rapid Deployment Regiment
2410 - USS Hurt renamed as USS Biessman
2410 - Promoted to Colonel


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