Colonel Suchak   

Character Information
Name   Suchak
Rank   Colonel
Position   Wing Commander
Second Position   Second Officer
Gender   Male
Species   Vulcan
Age   132
Physical Appearance
Height   6’ 2”
Weight   206 lbs.
Eye Color   Brown
Hair Color   Black
Physical Description   Tall and well-built, Suchak has been a slightly imposing figure for more than a century. He has pale, green-tinged skin and speaks firmly, without shouting. He appears composed, like all Vulcans, but with something indefinable amiss about him.
Personality & Traits
General Overview
Strengths & Weaknesses
Strengths: Immense wealth of experience in combat situations. Highly skilled in strategy. A strong pilot, and a stronger leader. Quick decisions are also a skill of his, in addition to the traditional Vulcan biological strengths.

Weaknesses: Took his present position as a personal mental exercise, rather than a job. Refused command position. Shies away from the larger responsiblities at present. Slightly jaded. Doesn't socialize with humans well, naturally. Piloting is not his strongest asset.
At present, uncertain. That is, perhaps, what he is trying to determine as he takes this assignment.
Hobbies & Interests
His mind has a particular affinity for puzzles and this has extended into a deep interest and ability in strategy. Tactics and strategy have long held for him a stimulating experience in which to test his flawlessly logical mind. Piloting has long been a secondary form of stimulation and meditation for him, being as close to a hobby as a Vulcan can truly have. He has trained extensively in Vulcan martial arts, but these skills are not of particular interest to him, they are merely logical to have learned, considering his years spent in combat situations.
Languages   Federation Standard, Vulcan
Father   Seevik
Mother   T'Presla
Spouse   He's never mentioned
Other Family  
OOC: Forgive me for the long history, but hes a Vulcan...hes been around like...forever!
IC: Suchak is a veteran of many wars, having graduated from the Academy more than a century ago. He is one of the few to have directly participated in, and survived the entire Dominion War, the Borg War, and all of the current war with the Cardassians. He was born on Vulcan in 2279, and entered the Academy at age 25, after spending his formative years undergoing the traditional Vulcan rituals to help him control his emotions and to embrace the constancy and purity of logic, which he did whole-heartedly.

He was found at an early age to have a natural affinity for puzzles of all kinds, they became used in many of his meditation rituals to help him focus. As he grew older, kal-toh would become a preferred game of his. At the Academy, these skills transferred themselves readily into a degree in Strategic Operations. While he experienced some difficulty in adapting to life in a human-dominated emotional society, his cool head prevailed, and he gained the respect of many of his colleagues for his composure. Besides which, by that point Vulcans were common enough among Academy recruits that he had many Vulcan associates and many had learned to get along quite professionally with their classmates from other species.

He spent the next 22 years as first a Junior Tactical Officer, and then as Chief Tactical Officer within Starfleet, being promoted to Lt. JG and completing Command School in the meantime. He then took almost a dozen years off from Starfleet, to return to Vulcan and be amongst his own people. Human society had been a draining experience on him, as neither ship he had served on had a single other Vulcan aboard, which had made his Pon Farr experiences particularly harrowing. Throughout his years in Starfleet, he has seldom been able to properly satiate the Pon Farr. How he has dealt with this on those unfortunate occasions is a matter he seldom talks about.

The simple fact that he was skilled in his area prompted him to return to Starfleet in 2342. If he could serve the Federation, and by extension Vulcan, well, then he should do so. Thus, he asked and was recommended for Advanced Tactical Training, which he subsequently completed. He then spent the following 12 years serving as CSOO aboard Starfleet vessels before returning to the Academy as an instructor in Strategic Studies. It was there he made many contacts across Starfleet Command and taught many students, several of whom went on to become officers of note, such as William Riker, Chakotay, and Wesley Crusher.

After serving aboard Deep Space Seven for several years, he was reassigned to the Akira-class USS Habermas as Chief Tactical Officer for the duration of the Dominion War. Here he earned the rank of Lt. Commander. They participated in a long string of battles, including several major confrontations and the Habermas was even present at the Battle of Cardassia which ended the war. After the Dominion War, Suchak was awarded the Starfleet Medal of Valor and the Habermas was taken in for repairs and a refit. He took the opportunity to spend a few years on Vulcan again, reasserting his meditative focus, which though still strong, had been causing him difficulty in meditation during the war.

Though he was nearly 100 years old, and had spent most of his life serving Starfleet, there was no time for respite with the beginnings of the Borg War. The USS Habermas was relaunched and Suchak accepted the position of Executive Officer, which he would hold throughout the next 20 years of constant warfare. By the end of it, the ship would have been in 65 firefights, and been boarded 5 times, and each time it had come out victorious. The boarding parties had all been dealt with by Suchak and the CSO, an extremely competent Andorian named Traka. By the time of the Battle of Sol, the Habermas was renowned as a magic vessel that could never be shot down. Needless to say, in the devastating battle over Earth, the magic faded, and the ship was lost on the 4th day. Most of the crew was beamed down to Earth, and assisted the defenders on the ground for the final day of battle.

After several years spent assisting in the rebuilding of Vulcan, he returned to regular duty, now a Commander, and took the position of CTO aboard a Saber-class, also holding the position of First Officer. The USS Lewis was part of the Re-Exploration Initiative and explored the Alpha Quadrant for several years, occasionally skirmishing with Borg remnants, before being re-assigned to the front of the new war with Cardassia. Several more years of this and in 2410, Suchak was weary. He had been at the forefront of war for decades now, and he knew himself to be losing his mental stability upon which the crew depended. His kal-toh game, for example, had been greatly declining. As such, when he was offered the command of the USS Carlson, he declined, much to the chagrin of Starfleet Command. He did, however, accept the promotion to Captain.

Resolving not to return to Vulcan again to reassert his focus, he decided to attempt it on his own, without the aid of the Vulcan masters or his family. Understanding that this was a critical time for the Federation and knowing that his own experience would be valuable, he asked around and heard about the commission of the USS Biessman, and the open position of Wing Commander. Throughout his entire life, one of his meditative exercises had always been a piloting simulation, so he was a qualified pilot, even if it wasnt his greatest skill. As the commander of the air squadron, though, it would combine piloting with his other exercise of tactical games. The position appeared to be designed almost perfectly for what he was looking for: a job that still held responsibility, but would also be an aid to him as he worked to regain focus in his life. He would in fact, be closer to the war than ever in the tiny fighter craft, but it might just be something that, for lack of a better word, he might enjoy.

He pulled a few strings, took on a crash course in the Marine Core, and was assigned to the USS Biessman several months later.


Service Record
Born on Vulcan: 2279
Entered Starfleet Academy: 2304
Graduated with rank of Ensign: 2308
Junior Tactical Officer aboard USS Eaglehorn (Excelsior-class): 2308-2314
Attended Command School: 2314
Transferred to USS Mandela (Merced-class) as CTO: 2315-2330
Promoted to Lt JG: 2318
Awarded the Starfleet Extended Tour Ribbon: 2330
Took an extended LOA from Starfleet and returned to Vulcan: 2330-2342
Returned to Starfleet: 2342
Recommended for Advanced Tactical Training: 2342
Completed Advanced Tactical Training: 2343
Assigned to USS Calvert (Apollo-class) as CSOO: 2343-2346
USS Calvert destroyed in battle: 2346
Received Commendation for Valor: 2346
Reassigned to USS Kent (Ambassador-class) as CSOO: 2347-2355
Promoted to Lieutenant: 2351
Returns to Earth, Becomes an Instructor in Strategic Studies at the Academy: 2355-2368
Assigned to Deep Space Seven as CSOO: 2368-2374
Transferred to USS Habermas (Akira-class) as CTO: 2374-2376
Promoted to Lt. Commander: 2375
Awarded Starfleet Medal of Valor: 2376
Second extended LOA. Returned to Vulcan: 2376-2378
Returned to Starfleet for the launching of the refitted USS Habermas. Served as XO: 2378-2398
100th Birthday: 2379
Promoted to Commander: 2386
USS Habermas destroyed in the Battle of Sol: 2398
Boarded the colony ship to re-explore Vulcan as a Strategic Advisor: 2400
Assisted the rebuilding of Vulcan: 2400-2403
Returned to Earth, Assigned to USS Lewis (Saber-class) as XO and CTO: 2403-2410
Promoted to Captain. Refused command of the USS Carlson: 2410
Requested to be assigned to the newly commissioned USS Biessman. Transferred to the Marine Core: 2410
Trained in marine procedures and additional combat training: 2410
Boarded USS Biessman: 2411


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