Marine Captain Hailey Chilson   
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Character Information
Name   Hailey Baierl Chilson
Rank   Marine Captain
Position   Chief Logostics/Operations Officer
Gender   Female
Species   Trill
Age   26
Physical Appearance
Height   5’ 10”
Weight   138 lbs.
Eye Color   Green
Hair Color   Blond
Physical Description   Hailey has long blond hair that stops halfway down her back. Her hair is kept loose when off-duty but on-duty and while doing gymnastics she usually pulls her hair back in a pony-tail. Partly due to her gymnastics training, she has a trim figure and stays in good physical shape.
Personality & Traits
General Overview
Partly due to her difficult childhood, Hailey is a reserved person preferring to keep her personal life to herself. She has few friends outside her immediate family. Hailey considers her greatest personal accomplishment the successful joining with the Chilson symbiot in late 2409; especially as she was the first in her family to complete the initiate program. Growing up she channeled a lot of energy into gymnastics to cope with a difficult childhood. At age fourteen she discovered she had a knack for languages and cryptology so she started enhancing her knowledge in those areas while maintaining her interest in gymnastics. Hailey was recently joined and is learning to deal with having the memories of the past 5 hosts.
Strengths & Weaknesses
Strengths: Language Study, Cryptology, Marksmanship
Weaknesses: Biological sciences, hesitant to express her opinion unless specifically asked to do so.
Hobbies & Interests
Hobbies: Gymnastics, Swimming, Drawing
Languages   Languages Spoken: Federation Standard, Vulcan, Cardassian, Trill
Father   Lt. Col. Denton Baierl
Mother   Major Abra Baierl
Brother(s)   M. Capt. Brock Baierl (MIA-2408), Lt. Corex Baierl (30), Cpl. Wael Baierl (24)
Sister(s)   2 Lt. Azaria Larose (24), Sgt Lori Baierl (28)
Spouse   N/A
Children   N/A
Other Family   Col. Logan Mette, Sgt Major Adonis Flider, PO 2. Trina Duden, 1 Lt Capt Richard Larose
Background: Hailey was born in April of 2385 on the Marine vessel, USS Dragon assigned to the ninth fleet. In 2387, the family transferred to Starbase G-9 near Betazed. Three years later they found themselves evacuating as the Borg approached; the children were sent to Unity 1 to live with Abra�s parents in hopes that they would be safe there. Abra and Denton transferred to two separate starships in an attempt to help stop the Borg and increase that chance that one of them would survive to take care of the children. In 2392, the children found themselves being evacuated once more as the Borg onslaught targeted Unity 1.

When they arrived at DR-32, they found that their grandparents were either killed or assimilated by the Borg, no one knew which. Since nobody on the station seemed to know what to do with a group of children ranging in age from 5-14, the children were looked after by everyone. A week after their arrival Hailey discovered a gymnastics program on the Holo-deck and convinced Lori to join her. Lori soon lost interest but not Hailey and she would run the program if possible, when she felt scared or lonely. In 2389, she discovered a partially completed language assignment of her older siblings; she started working on completing the assignment and after four days had a rough translation of the text. When this was discovered Hailey was encouraged to continue studying languages. Recalling his own childhood experiences, the language instructor, Commander Aaron Steele, gave Hailey some basic codes to try and decipher. Hailey was successful and started studying basic cryptology as well as Vulcan.
Finally in February of 2400, the family was reunited and attempted to make up for the lost years. Brock and Corex officially joined Starfleet in March; Brock joined the Marine Corps, while Corex became a starship pilot.

In 2403, Hailey enrolled in Starfleet Academy as a science major with a minor in Intelligence, as she felt it would best allow her to continue her study of language and ciphers. As she already had a good grip on the Vulcan language, Hailey chose to study Cardassian; little could she know how valuable that training would become. By her senior year it became clear that the current state of relations with the Cardassians was rapidly deteriorating towards war, so three days after graduation Hailey moved to Monterey California where she continued her studies of the Cardassian language at the Defense Language Institute.

In September of 2407, Hailey finished her studies at the DLI, and was assigned to the Intrepid class, USS Cyclone as a science officer, but often would work with Intel. The next year Brock was part of the 7,000 Marine who were stranded at on Nev�talc and was officially declared MIA soon after the incident. This was hard on all the children as Brock was not only the oldest but was seen as their protector. In late 2409, Hailey completed the Trill initiative program and was joined with the Chilson symbiot.

Seven weeks before Hailey joined the Biessman, the Cyclone participated in �Operation Hailstorm� against Cardassian forces in the Mortlock sector. In the early stages of the Operation, the Cyclone was forced to make an emergency landing on the surface of the 7th planet. The ship was heavily damaged and several crew members were killed outright or died of their injuries before rescue workers could reach the ship nine days later. Hailey suffered major trauma and would spend the next five weeks recovering at Starbase Phoenix. One week after being declared fit for duty, she signed onto the Biessman.


Service Record
Aug 2403-May 2407 Starfleet Academy
May 2407- Sept. 2407- DLI
Sept. 2407-Spring 2410- USS Cyclone- Science Officer- Ensign
Spring 2410-Present- USS Biessman- Chief Operations Officer- 1 Lt.


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