Major Joseph (Joe) Duke   

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Character Information
Name   Joseph (Joe) Harvey Duke
Rank   Major
Position   Tank Group Commanding Officer
Gender   Male
Species   Human
Age   35
Physical Appearance
Height   5’ 7”
Weight   210 lbs.
Eye Color   Green
Hair Color   Black
Physical Description   Joe can best be described as a bull dog of a man, who’s worked hard to keep his body in peak physical condition through a vigorous exercise routine. Joe was born to be a fighter, and every inch of his body shows that. Joe has a scar on his right shoulder from a fight with a Gorn.
Personality & Traits
General Overview
Joe is a born and bred marine, and has the personality of a pit bull. He’s extremely aggressive and very confrontational. His time in the Marine Corps has taught him the value of the chain of command. When not on duty Joe spends most of his time working out or in the pub. Joe’s confrontational nature often puts him at odds with his fellow marines. Joe has also been described as brash and proud, and can rush into situations before all the facts are in.
Strengths & Weaknesses
Joe�s greatest strength is his fierce aggressive attitude and a very strong survival instinct. Joe has something of a shoot first ask questions later attitude which can be problematic at times. Very often Joes first and last attempts to deal with a problem are the same, brute force, his motto being, �brute force, if it doesn�t work, you�re just not using enough of it�. Joe also is quick to rush into a situation with guns blazing before all the facts are in.
Joe hopes to obtain a detachment command position within the SFMC, however he wishes to avoid being put behind a desk. Joe lives for combat and wants to stay with the corps until he is no longer able to serve.
Hobbies & Interests
Joe is fascinated by ancient muscles cars, and is working on restoring a 1981 Pontiac Trans AM to its original factory condition with a few personal to make the Car his own. Joe also keeps dogs, and currently has a black Labrador named Shadow.
Languages   Federation Standard
Father   Colonel Harold Duke
Mother   Major Elizabeth Duke
Brother(s)   Sam
Sister(s)   Jane
Spouse   None
Children   None
Other Family   None
Joseph Harold Duke was born on July 3rd 2375 onboard the Falcon in the middle of the final battle of the Dominion war. Literally born into combat Joe was the first of three children in a family of marines. Joe�s father and mother were both stationed on starbase 264 at the end of the Dominion war where Joe�s father Commanded the Bases marine detachment The Watchers, and Joes mother headed marine logistics for the sector.

Very early on in life Joe�s parents taught him about the marine corps, and his family�s long history of service in the marines dating back to the third world war. Joe developed a strong sense of duty and knew from child hood that he wanted to continue his family�s legacy of service.

Like so many other marine families, the beginning of the Borg war in 2386 Joe�s parents were assigned to front line combat duty. Joe and his younger brother Sam remained aboard the star base while his parents were away. While his parents were away Duke raised his brother Sam, and instilled the same values in his brother that his parents had instilled in him.

In 2391 Joe entered the Marine Corps Academy on an early entry/Field Officer training program, which had been initiated as part of the Federation effort to replace the waves of officers and enlisted personnel that had been lost throughout the war. Through the final stages of the War Joe was moved from planet to planet assisting in evacuation operations ahead of the Borg fleet, in a near continuous retreat. Like so many other Veterans of the war Joe saw entire planets fall in a matter of hours.

During the Battle of Sol Joe was assigned to the 43rd Division in charge of ground defense along the Baltic Sea. Fortunately the remaining Federation ships in the sol system successfully held the Borg Force at bay and none of the marine forces deployed were needed.

After the Borg war John was assigned to the USS Potemkin where he served in the 34th tank group as a gunner until he was transferred to the USS Biessman in 2410 and given the position of Tank Group Executive Officer.


Service Record
2391 Accepted into Marine Corps Academy on an early entry/Field Officer training program
2395 Succesfuly completed Training � Second LT
2401 Transferred to USS Potemkin � First LT
2411 Transferred to USS Biessman � Marine Captain


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