1st Lieutenant Espen Kralto   

Character Information
Name   Espen Kralto
Rank   1st Lieutenant
Position   Chief Flight Control Officer
Gender   Male
Species   Human
Age   27
Physical Appearance
Height   6’ 3”
Weight   232 lbs.
Eye Color   Blue
Hair Color   Blond
Physical Description   Espen strikes an imposing figure in normal circumstances - broad shoulders, tall, athletic-looking. In a ship full of marines, however, he's pretty standard fare. His features aren't particularly striking, though his eyes are quite distinctive. Clearly blue, but the mechanical rings and circuits are just visible in his eyes, which draws some attention.
Personality & Traits
General Overview
Espen is essentially a decent person, and tries to be helpful when he can. However, due to his intelligence and wealth of knowledge in his head, he always feels he can be helpful, and contributes information whether he was asked a question or not. He has a tendency to be impatient with people he considers to be inferior to him intellectually, which is his opinion is most people. As such, he is not a good teacher, nor a good listener. He's an excellent talker though, and can happily chat away for hours about all the things he knows about.

He does have a few friends, generally comprised of whoever can stand him.
Strengths & Weaknesses
Strengths: Extremely intelligent, naturally dexterous, enhanced vision, confident

Weaknesses: Impatient with others he considers less intelligent, arrogant about his own intelligence and abilities
To reach a rank above Major; to become famous as a pilot; to leave a lasting impression on the universe
Hobbies & Interests
Cross-country running, 3-D Chess, Archery
Languages   Federation Standard, Vulcan, Klingon, German
Father   Major Fel Kralto
Mother   Major Yan Kralto
Brother(s)   Major Kevin Kralto
Other Family  
Espen was born in 2384 to a family of Nordic Majors. His mother was a major, his father was a major, his brother was a major - for some reason no-one in his family seemed to get any higher than that. Growing up on Alton, a planet close to Vulcan, Espen had plenty of opportunity to develop what was recognized early on as a brilliant mind. He was almost able to keep up with the Vulcan children in the midst of their rigorous mental training. However, his parents kept him out of the Vulcan academies and placed him instead in a school for the gifted of other species, fearing that the Vulcan disciplines would be too much for him. It was probably a wise move, considering Espen’s quick temper, and lack of patience with people who did not understand him.

He grew up in the midst of the Borg War, and that left its mark on his life just as it did with everyone in that time. His family fled to Earth shortly before Vulcan was taken, and due to his young age, was forced to sit and watch from the sidelines as the fate of humanity was decided. However, he did not spend his years on Earth idly. He spent every available minute learning about strategy, about battle, about war, and he learned quickly. By the time the war was over, he was versed in all kinds of warfare, and he decided to join the Marine Corps. He had always had a large build, and he had always kept in shape through his passion for running. Espen had ran since he was little and always found it peaceful and relaxing, giving him time to think about whatever problems he had.
He took the most advanced strategy and tactics classes he was able to, and quickly found that his passion lay in manoeuvres rather than logistics or firepower. In simulations it was always his ability to outflank and outmanoeuvre his opponent that won the day, even when the odds were greatly stacked against him. Naturally, to pursue this, he became a pilot.

It was in a training accident that he lost his eyes. The surgeons were quickly able to give him mechanical implants that functioned even better than normal eyes, but it took Espen some time to get used to the idea that he was legally blind. On top of that, the pain reduced almost completely after a few days, but every so often his sockets still twinge and ache. He continued piloting, which sparked a number of jokes amongst his classmates, but he soon proved that his enhanced eyesight gave him an advantage over them, winning several awards before graduating.

Once he graduated, he was assigned to the USS Kyber as a flight officer and served there faithfully for a number of years, experiencing a few battles, but the ship was mostly sent out on escort missions to take colony ships out to repopulate the quadrant. After a while, he had a talk with the CO and was transferred to the Harrington as CFCO on the CO’s recommendation. The Harrington was a frontliner, and the Cardassian War was heating up, so Espen’s abilities were put much more to the test. He enjoyed it thoroughly, although even the CO was forced to note in Espen’s file that he always seemed to feel that he was single-handedly saving the ship every time.

After a few years on the Harrington, Espen moved confidently over to the Beissman.


Service Record
2384 – Born on Alton

2395 – Fled to Earth

2400 – Joined the Starfleet Marine Corps

2404 – Graduated Marine Corps; Placed on USS Kyber as a flight officer

2408 – Transferred to USS Harrington as CFCO

2411 – Transferred to USS Beissman


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