Major Balrok   

Character Information
Name   Balrok
Rank   Major
Position   Tank Group Commanding Officer
Second Position   Second Officer
Gender   Male
Species   Klingon
Age   32
Physical Appearance
Height   0’ 0”
Weight   235 lbs.
Eye Color   brown
Hair Color   black
Physical Description  
Personality & Traits
General Overview
Strengths & Weaknesses
Strengths: Physically strong, well trained in many forms of combat, quick thinker and an unconventional tactician

Weaknesses: Sometimes insubordinate, never keeps his opinions to himself, rarely plans things out to any great extent
To be the best warrior he can be
Hobbies & Interests
Martial arts, cooking, reading
Languages   Federation Standard, Klingon
Father   Vem'Pek (Deceased)
Mother   Lator (Deceased)
Brother(s)   None
Sister(s)   None
Spouse   None
Children   None
Other Family   None of importance
Balrok was born in 2379 aboard the Klingon Negh'var Blade of Kahless, where his father was the ACSTO. He grew up in the hectic beginning of Borg war. He lived on the Negh'var for five years when his parents sent him back to Quo'nos after the Borg began their invasion of Romulan space for his own safety. Not three months later the Borg attacked the Klingons and the Blade of Kahless was destroyed with the loss of all hands. After a few years Balrok found himself on Earth when much of the Klingon population fled to safer space. It was then he swore to devote his life to destroying the Borg.

When he was 16 Balrok lied about his age and entered into starfleet academy. He graduated in 2399 and was immediately stationed on the USS Rome. It was during one of the final pushes on Earth by the Borg. The Rome took several severe hits and was boarded by hundreds of borg. Balrok fought bravely against the Borg for hours, but it was a lost cause. The ship was abandoned and destroyed. Only 23 out of the initial 850 crew members survived. Balrok angrily watched as the battle continued while he sat there waiting for rescue. By the time his pod was retrieved the battle was over. A year and a half later victory had been declared.

After that battle he was reassigned to the 72nd Armored Cavalry division, as a Striker pilot. He was with them for an uneventful seven years when the Cardassians declared war. His division was assigned to reinforce the defense force on A'vol. When the Cardassians invaded the planet it was a fighting withdrawal the whole time. Balrok proved himself a very brave and capable officer by leading a convoy of strikers into the bombed out capital of A'vol to rescue as many civilians as possible. Over the course of two days he went back and fourth from the city five times, rescuing thousands of civilians. He was awarded the bronze star for bravery and was put in command of a Scorpion squadron in the 21st Tank battalion.

He fought on the front lines with the 21st for three years, including the campaign on Nev'talc when he was offered the command of the 209th Tank detachment on the newly commissioned USS Biessman.


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