Lieutenant Colonel Parem   

Character Information
Name   Parem none
Rank   Lieutenant Colonel
Position   Executive Officer
Second Position   Marine Commanding Officer
Gender   Male
Species   Vulcan
Age   106
Physical Appearance
Height   0’ 0”
Weight   208 lbs.
Eye Color   Green
Hair Color   Brown
Physical Description  
Personality & Traits
General Overview
Strengths & Weaknesses
Skilled in many martial art forms and a very deep thinker like many Vulcans. Parems main weekness is the ability to control his emotions. It is alot harder for him to control them than most of his species and must meditate longer than normal.
Hobbies & Interests
Languages   Vulcan, Federation Basic
Other Family  
Parem was born in the year 2305 On Vulcan. He grew up in a monestary which was compltley isolated from Starfleet of Federation matters. From the age of 0 to the age of 50 Parem worked at the monestary getting knowledgeable on all fronts of the world. He became and expert in Logic and was to be the next head monk at the monestary but Parem turned down the offer. He left the monestary and Vulcan for that part alltogether.

After 5 years of cruising around the alpha quadrent learning about all the species, anomalies, and different starship’s in starfleet Parem decided to join Starfleet.

At the age of 55 Parem was admitted into the academy and graduated 4years later 2nd in his graduating class. The year was 2359 and the federation, still recovering from the first borg invasion gave Parem the rank of Ensign and assigned him to the new USS Melbourne.

As a Vulcan he found it hard to understand how humans handled their feelings. His first assignment was a assistant diplomatic officer on the Melbourne.

In 2362 after a few uneventfull years aboard the Melbourne Parem got his first real taste of space when he, the captain and the chief Diplomatic officer made first contact with the C’Halkains. Although the meeting didnt turn out as hoped no war or hostilities came up and the meeting was prononced a success.

Shortly after the incedent with the C’Halkains Parem requested to be transfered to starfleet research and development. His request was granted andin 2363 He arrived at the Antares Ship Yards and was assigned to a research team dedicated to finding better shielding configerations and all that stuff. It was classified top secret.

After 9 years of working at the Antares Ship Yards Parem requested a transfer to a starship during the start of the Dominion war. It was denied at first but later accepted. Parem was put aboard the USS Arbitor a Yeager-type starship. Parem was the Chief Security/ Tactical officer with the rank of Lieutenant.

Parem saw combat in numberous battles during the Domionin war including the battle for DS9. He served on the ship until 2395 when it was destroyed by the Borg in a retreating action.

Parem and a few other lucky members of the crew of teh Arbitor managed to reach an escape pod and crashland on a neaby class M planet. Parem took command of the surviving 10 members of the crew and managed to keep all 10 people alive for four years until they were rescued in 2399 by the USS Cheron.

After being rescued and returned to earth Param and the others were decorated with metals such as the "Distinguished service cross" "Purple Heart" and the "Silver Star".

Parem requested a leave of absense to go to vulcan but was denied. He was assigned to the USS Cheron as the chief Security/ Tactical Officer. The XO on the ship happened to be Lt. Richard Winslow, Parem had heard of him because he was one of the few people to have survived the Soho massacre.

As the Cheron took part in the battle for Sol (Earth) the ship was destoyed but luckily Parem escaped when Winslow dragged him to the escape pod himself.

With the close of the Borg war Parem was again honoured for his extended survice and awarded the "Extended Survice badge" and the "Cross of Dedication" For not wanting to leave his post during the battle even though it was illogical which puzzled some people.

Parem took a long leave of absense after the borg war and returned to Vulcan.

After 2 long years of absense Parem accepted a commision teaching survival training at starfleet he was one of the formost men alive to teach it. He accepted the commision and taught until he was informed that a position for XO was open on the newly commisioned USS Relentless, a Excalibur class starship. It had just lost its captain and the XO had been promoted, the ship needed a new XO and seasoned bridge officers were hard to come by.

Parem accepted the officer and arrived on the USS Relentless a few months later to find the ship in disarray. For one month Parem served as the ships Executive officer and only 3 days after arriving on the ship found himself in command of the massive Excalibur class.

The Relentless had been assigned to retrieve one of the jewels thought to be located nearby its present position. The ship was sent out but stumbled upon a bees nest. Parem and the Relentless were greeted by a fleet of five Cardassian ships aswell as planetary defenses. The Relentless managed to hold off the defenders long enough to land her Marine detachment on the ground...aswell as the Captain who left inserach of his long lost brother.

Parem was left in command of the ship and faired quite well. He was forced to call for reinforcements from the USS Aurora including the USS Vendetta which came to help the Relentless destroy the Cardassian fleet. What had started as a small skirmish escalated into a full blown battle when over 40 Cardassian reinforcements including a Glory class engaged the Aurora fleet.

After the incedent and the Relenltess returned to space dock for repairs Parem was unexpectidly promoted to the rank of Commander. Before the Relentless shipped off for a routine patrol on the Breen border Parem was summoned to a joint SFMC and SF meeting concerning his future. There he was recognized for his bravery and life long dedication to the Federation aswell as offered (forced) a transfer to the newly commissioned USS Biessman to be the ships XO. It was a SFMC vessel and thus Parem would have to assume all Marine Core procedures and ranks.

Parem reluctantly excepted and was immidiatly transfered to the ship.


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