Major Jonarus Errod   

Character Information
Name   Jonarus Errod
Rank   Major
Position   Chief Intelligence Officer
Gender   Male
Species   betazoid
Age   34
Physical Appearance
Height   5’ 11”
Weight   185 lbs.
Eye Color   black
Hair Color   dark blond
Physical Description   Not much is distinquishable about Maj. Errod. Which, considering his role as an Intel Operative, is a bonus. He is decent looking, average hight betaziod male.
Personality & Traits
General Overview
Strengths & Weaknesses
As a man whos appearance is utterly bland, with above average telepathic abilities, he is an amazing intelligence officer, able to blend into the background of any planet around him. His biggest weakness, one could say, is his thrist for knowledge, at almost any cost. It has gotten him into tight situations before.
To simply know the things people keep secret.
Hobbies & Interests
Primarily reading, he enjoys a good detective novel. That said, he is often hard pressed to find what he would call a "good" detective novel. Tends to enjoy languages (a natural hobby for an intelligence officer).He has also recently aquired a taste for ancient Earth music, cerca 1970�s
Languages   Betazoid, Standard, Romulan, Klingon and Cardassian
Father   Elias Errod, a merchant
Mother   Celica Errod, a merchant
Other Family   Errod has had almost nothing of a personal life, with the exception of a young woman he met while at the Academy, Lisa Reily, of Earth. Things ended badly between the two of them, shortly after graduation, and altho Jonarus still harbors feelings for her, he has not seen nor spoken with her in over 15 years.
Born on the capital city of Betazed, Jonarus lived in a teeming center of life, surrounded by people from many planets. His natural curiosity surfaced early in life, and he was often disciplined for spying on the neighbors. In school, he took a liking to languages, and showed an amazing skill in it, learning basic far faster then most of the children in his class. As soon as he was able too, he applied for and was accepted to the Academy graduating after 4 years, with commendations for his grasp of languages, and telepathic ablilities.

Shortly thereafter, before being posted to a ship, he was picked up and sent to training by Starfleet Intelligence, and spent 2 yeas in special training with them, coming out with the rank of ensign

He is then given a deep cover assignment on the Cardassian Colonies, where he spends the next 4 years, as a member of the Cardassian Millitary. Little is known of his actions during this period of time. When he does return in 2403, he comes back a sligtly colder man. He is debriefed, promoted, and awarded the Starfleet Intelligence Star. He is then transfered to the USS Hiroshima, and serves for 2 years as a roving intelligence officer.

With growing tensions between the Federation and whats left of the Cardassian Union, Lt. Errod is recalled to Earth for more debriefing of his time among the Cardassians. One year later, he is discharged from Starfleet charged with "conduct unbefitting an officer", a result of a fist fight with an unnamed Commador at a party in San Francisco. He then dissapears for the next two years.

In 2409, he returned to Federation space aboard a Romulan merchant ship and is taken back to Earth. He is there debriefed on what appears to be an aditional deep cover assignment, reinstated to the fleet, at the rank of Lt(jg). Behind closed doors, he is also awarded his second Intteligence Star.

He was then posted to the USS Relentless, serving thru a few captains and even fewer missions, serving with distinction, and earning the rank of LT. Just as the next mission was about to come up, he recieved a special communication from Starfleet intelligence, informing him he had been placed on detached serivce to teh Marine Corp, on a joint fleet mission for a revolutionary ship set up. As he would be on a marine ship, he was given an equivilent rank, and shipped off to the ship. one of his few consulations is that he knows the XO, having served with him on the Relentless, tho their relationship is somewhat strained

Having servered on the Biessman with distinction, Jonaurs has earned himself a promotion to the rank of Major. He finds that he likes the rank promotion, and is considering taking a few classes in Command Tactics. If he wants to continue to advance and one day make Lt. Col, he will have to gain this exepriance, as well as more combat experience.

Which is not to say he hasn't earned some combat experience. Jonarus saw action on the ground quite a few times since being co-opted into the Marines. Most recently, he helped free prisoners during the Second Battle of Isis, and has been awarded both the purple heart and federation star of merit for bravery under fire, while rescuing his fellow crewmember, the stand in TankCO. He was injured in the attempt, and his still recovering from the back injury. He has also since then kept a bit of a closer relationship with the woman he saved. She's a Vulcan tho, so it is hard to say what exactly this relationship will end up being.


Service Record
2399:training by intelligence
2401:deep cover assignemt to Cardassia
2405: posted to USS hiroshima
2407:returns to earth, discharged due to fist fight


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