Marine Captain Lance Galvalino   

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Character Information
Name   Lance Shepard Galvalino
Rank   Marine Captain
Position   Marine Executive Officer
Gender   Male
Species   Human
Age   29
Physical Appearance
Height   5’ 8”
Weight   170 lbs.
Eye Color   Brown
Hair Color   Brown
Physical Description   Tall, slightly athletic and muscular built physique, medium tone complexion.
Personality & Traits
General Overview
A very easy-going person, loves being around friends, old and new. A strict follower of Starfleet protocols, but is open-minded to adequate compromises just as long it won't conflict with the crew's safety, ship operations, and integrity.
Strengths & Weaknesses
Highly determine and focused when it comes to protecting and maintaining the security, integrity, and freedom of the citizens of the United Federation of Planets. Loyal and values all his shipmates opinions.

His determination may turn into a weakness. Lance tends to push too hard and not considering other people's limits, either emotional or physical. Has a bit of a temper and gets really impatient.
To be the best Starfleet Marine he can be. Maybe commanding a Starfleet Marine Corp base.
Hobbies & Interests
Loves playing baseball and soccer in the holodeck. Likes to train in two forms of martial arts called Escrima and Kempo.
Languages   a little bit of Klingon
Father   Harold Galvalino
Mother   Faye Galvalino
Brother(s)   Mark Galvalino
Sister(s)   none
Spouse   none
Children   none
Other Family   Aunt and uncle on Mars Colony.
Lance was born in Omaha, Nebraska on Earth. He is the youngest of two sons from Harold and Faye Galvalino who are currently instructors at Starfleet Academy. Lance has somewhat a colorful past. During his teenage years, Lance got into trouble with Federation Security a few times. One for racing a friend's modified shuttle racer through an unauthorized area near the Cardassian border.

At seventeen, he caused a brawl in his high school towards a group of visiting Romulan exchange students. Amazingly he entered Starfleet Academy then got into trouble again for picking a fight at a bar on Alpha Centauri while attending a martial arts tournament and exhibition.

Lance almost killed a Cardassian thug who got in his way. He nearly got expelled from the Academy because of it. He was prohibited from joining any martial arts program and attending any tournaments during his duration in the Academy. After graduating from Starfleet Academy, Lance decided to join the Starfleet Marine Corp Boot Camp at San Diego after his friends urged him to try out.

Lance entered the Starfleet Marine Corps. recruit depot in San Diego. Went through boot camp and recieved high marks in field tactics, marksmanship, and infantry weapons.

Got posted aboard the Galaxy-Class USS Typhoon as a Marine officer. Served aboard for five years until being reassigned to the Federation Embassy on planet Pacifica for security detail then reassigned to Marine Security on planet Parliament.

After each spending two years of Marine Security duty on planets Pacifica and Parliament. Lance was offered a Marine XO position aboard the Nebula-Class Refit USS Biessman and gladly accepted.

Entering Starfleet Academy and the Starfleet Marine Corp was the highlight of Lance's life.


Service Record
Starfleet Academy Graduate - 2398
Starfleet Marine Corp Boot Camp- 2402
Marine Officer aboard the Galaxy-Class USS Maelstrom - 2405
Marine Security Detail at the Federation Embassys on planets Pacifica and Parliament -2409
Marine Executive Officer aboard the USS Biessman - current


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