Major Lauren Ndoci   

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Character Information
Name   Lauren Emerson Ndoci
Rank   Major
Position   Company Commander
Gender   Female
Species   Human
Age   35
Physical Appearance
Height   5’ 5”
Weight   156 lbs.
Eye Color   Hazel
Hair Color   Black
Physical Description   Lauren has a very slender body, and while muscular is not over built. Her eyes have been described as piercing and a stern gaze often elicits respect and fear from both those serving under her, as well as those fighting against her. She keeps her hair long, done in a pony tail and often concealed with in her combat gear. Despite her lack of any dedicated effort to improve her outward appearance she has a natural beauty which can shine through her aggressive demeanor.
Personality & Traits
General Overview
Lauren is extremely aggressive; she refuses to be treated with any disrespect. She never relaxes, never lets her guard down; always prepared for the worst possible situation, expecting assault from all directions, trusting no one outside of her own Company. She understands the chain of command, and respects it, but expects that her superiors will treat her and her unit with the respect they have earned through their many combat tours. Even among her own marines Lauren is a very detached individual. Years of service as well as personnel experience have taught her to avoid becoming close with anyone.
Strengths & Weaknesses
Ndoci’s greatest strength is her skills both in combat and as a tactician. She can see patterns and strategies in enemy movement that other officers with for more years of experience would be blind to, and then use that knowledge to execute a flawless engagement even against a superior enemy force.

Her weakness lies in her past, in the disgrace her mother brought to her, and the shame she feels because of that time in her life.
Ndoci want to construct what she sees to be the ultimate fighting force. She wants to turn the Annihilators into a well oiled fighting machine. She has no tolerance for failure; any marine who doesn’t meet her expectations has only one chance to redeem themselves before they’re removed from the unit. She has no desire to gain a command in the fleet, and never wants to be put behind a desk.
Hobbies & Interests
Ndoci is an avid collector of ancient weaponry, ranging from smaller fire arms to replicas of the first atomic bomb. She has a profound love of history, basing many of her own strategies off the great tacticians of earth’s many ancient wars.
Languages   Federation Standard
Father   David Wainwright
Mother   Casey Sanders
Brother(s)   None
Sister(s)   None
Spouse   None
Children   None
Other Family   None
Lauren Emerson Ndoci was born to Casey Sanders on the 23rd of January 2375 in the slums of the Tarsonis a highly urbanized colony on the fringes of the Klingon boarder. Tarsonis was a world of contradictions the wealthy living in massive domes protected from the planets harsh polluted atmosphere with the poor left to fend for themselves in the industrial zones. Lauren never knew her father who ran off before she was born, and was left to be raised by her mother, a meth addict living in the east slum, one of the planet’s most dangerous districts.

Lauren did not receive a formal education, and was forced to teach herself to read and write. At a young age she learned to take care of her mother during her crashes. She became enamored with the stories of ancient earth conflicts, struggles for power, and tales of heroism. Through the reading she came to desire a better life then her mother could offer her, and resent the woman for denying her an education. Her resentment turned to rage when her mother sold her only positions of any value, her books, to support her own Meth habit. Lauren left her mother at the age of 14, and emancipated herself, dropping her mother’s name.

For the next two years Lauren barely survived, finding ways to make money drifting from one end of Tarsonis’s capital to the other. At 15 she tracked down her father, who was living in a small apartment on the West bank, a small middle class community. David Wainwright had another life, a family with two children. To him Lauren was nothing but a symbol from another life, something he regretted.

Finding no solace with her father Lauren roamed the planet when in 2391 she found her chance to escape the wretched slums of Tarsonis. She found a propaganda piece of the Federation Marine corps. With the flyer in hand Lauren felt waves of emotion flow over her as she recalled the only time in her life she’d taken comfort in anything. Recalling the stories of the ancient battles of earth she decided to join the marine core. With no accurate record of her birth date she lied about her age on the application form and was drafted into the 32nd auxiliary.

Basic training was incredibly difficult for Lauren. Malnourished through most of her life she was scrawny compared to the average enlistee. She made up for her lack of physical strength with sheer determination. Determined to prove herself, to show that she was more then what she came from, Lauren pushed herself passed the breaking point. While she barely passed three of her endurance tests, the lessons she had learned on the streets of Tarsonis made her a formidable opponent; she could easily topple men twice her size.

In early 2392 Lauren completed basic training and was shipped out to take part in the fight to hold a colony world. At the same time the Borg Swept through the Federation lines on the Klingon Boarder, taking the planet Tarsonis, and with it any ruminants of Laurens past.

The service had helped Lauren to escape her life in the slums of Tarsonis, but her new life was by no means easy. She found the transition from life on her own to the rigid structured life in the core difficult. She found herself perpetually at odds with her direct superior, a sergeant named Richard Isaac. The conflict boiled over one day in a small bar outside of their base. Lauren found herself in the brig for two weeks for striking a superior. The confinement gave her time to think about where her life was headed. After her release she made amends with the sergeant and the two came to respect one another.

Slowly Lauren and Richard became closer, and they became involved romantically. They sheltered each other from the harsh realities of the war, helping each other cope with the loss of friends and fellow marines. As they became closer and closer Lauren shared her past with Richard.

On March 3rd 2493 the 32nd auxiliary took part in the holding action at PR2-323, a key battle to hold the Soho Shipyards. Losses were heavy; nearly four hundred thousand were killed or assimilated, but the Borg were forced back, and the planet was held. Among those who died was Gunnery Sergeant Richard Isaac. Lauren was devastated by the loss; she fell into a deep depression. The War however did not however grant her time to mourn Richard’s Death. On March 15th he 32nd Auxiliary was integrated into the marine force stationed aboard the USS Horus.

For the next two months Lauren carried on with her duties, when on May 2nd she was informed that she had been accepted into the officer candidate program. Before his death Richard had spoken to Captain Laurence Maxwell, the 32nd Auxiliary’s commanding officer about Lauren’s future in the corps. Without her knowledge he had convinced Maxwell to nominate her for the officer candidate program.

On June 3rd Lauren arrived at the Marine Corps head quarters on Luna. For the next 6 Months Lauren received extensive training both in tactics and combat strategy. Her endless reading on ancient battles now paid off, her dedication and diligence drove her to obtain top marks in every field. When she completed the program she was approached by a man name Major James Roth. Roth offered Lauren a position within Starfleet’s most elite branch of the Marine Corp.

Major Roth was the Chief of Recruitment for the Razors, an elite Special Forces branch of the Marine core. The Razors were the best of the best, fighting machines which received the best training, in the finest facilities available. The Razor’s distances themselves from the regular core and were involved in only the most dangerous missions.

Lauren joined the Razors and over the next year was trained in hundreds of forms of combat by instructors from across the quadrant. Every day the instructors tried to break her, she was put through intense training exercises, kept awake for days at a time, forced to endure incredible pain, but she was determined not to fail.

On December 6th 2494 Second LT Lauren Ndoci was stationed with the 19th Razor Company, The Hell Hounds, on board the USS Horus, serving under Captain Frank Wright. For nearly a year the Borg remained quiet; a menacing threat that could attack at any time. For Ndoci the down time only allowed her to focus on her training, forcing herself to stay busy to avoid thinking about everyone she’d lost.

The Borg went on the offensive once again in 2496 when they used a virus to disable every computer system in and around the Soho shipyards. The Horus was preparing to dock when the attack began, and was the only vessel able to escape the massacre. The tremendous loss of life she witnessed drove Ndoci further into isolation from those she had served with in the 32nd Auxiliary. The Razor’s were a close nit group, and the tragic events that seemed to surround them only served to push them further inward.

As the war continued Lauren advanced through the razor’s ranks when in mid 2397 Starfleet turned its attention to defending earth. On November 1st 2397 the Razor Companies were called back to the Sol system, and placed throughout the planet.

As the Borg War drew two a close with the Borg Defeated at the battle of Sol Ndoci was offered command of a marine detachment aboard the USS Vendetta, an offer she declined in favor of remaining a Razor, and in 2401 she was made the executive officer of the Hell Hounds with a rank of Captain.

During peace time the Hell Hounds continued to drill in case of a Borg resurgence with Ndoci leading them through Combat drills. In late may of 2404 Colonel Roth was watching the Hell Hounds run through combat drills against a sizeable Borg force. Ndoci’s command prowess and presence even in the most dangerous of situations impressed him. To her surprise Roth offered Ndoci Command of the newly formed 22nd Company, and she gladly accepted.

The 22nd, known as the Annihilators was made of entirely of fresh recruits, the only exception being the Executive officer First LT David Spaulding, who was transferred from the 14th Company. With this raw material Ndoci went about forming the finest fighting machine ever to grace Starfleet. The 22nd came to be revered among the Razors, and were often given the most treacherous assignments.

The Annihilators were not grounded on any ship or station, but rather moved from one battle field to another as they were needed. That all changed in late 2410 when the Annihilators were officially assigned to the 3rd Rapid Deployment Regiment, and were stationed aboard the USS Biessman.


Service Record
-Enters Basic Training
-Completes Basic Training
-Assigned to the 32nd Auxiliary [Private]
-Earns a Purple Galaxy for Service in the Battle of PR2-323
-32nd Auxiliary integrated into the Marine Corps aboard the USS Horus
-Accepted into Officer Candidate Program
-Completes Officer Candidate Program [Second LT]
-Begins Razor training
-Assigned to 19th Razor Company Hell Hounds
-Promoted to First LT
-19th Razor Company Ordered Back to Earth
-Made Executive officer of the Hell Hounds
-Promoted to Captain
-Given Command of the 22nd Razor Company the Annihilators
-Promoted to Major
-22nd Razor Company reassigned to the 3rd rapid Deployment Regiment
-Stationed aboard the USS Biessman


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