2nd Lieutenant Richard Poteat   

Character Information
Name   Richard Poteat
Rank   2nd Lieutenant
Position   Medic
Gender   Male
Species   Human( altered)
Age   21
Physical Appearance
Height   6’ 4”
Weight   180 lbs.
Eye Color   blue
Hair Color   brownish fur
Physical Description   humanoid feline features, still human on the inside
Personality & Traits
General Overview
Richard is easy to get to know, and very approachable. He is not averse to introducing himself to a stranger. He is a very driven individual. However, his first care is his friends and he is willing to put his life in danger to save them.
Strengths & Weaknesses

w-wants to be cured, but knows that is is impossible
prone to tunnel vision
Flag rank. Find a cure
Hobbies & Interests
read, train, keep up with news
Languages   Fed Standard, Learning Caitian
Father   Tony Poteat
Mother   Cheryl Poteat
Other Family  
Richar was born in Greensboro NC to Tony and Cheryl Poteat.Life was enjoyable in the Triad reigon.Richard listened intently to their exploits at work. He made up his mind at an early age that he wanted to join the medical field.He started to make himself useful at the various departments, as an explorer.

He was a delight to teach, his teachers impressed with his initiative. As soon as he hit high school age, he enlisted in the JROTC to receive medical training. The ASI and SAS1 of the JROTC department encouraged him to do his best.As a cadet he found himself earning his EMT

Immediately after, Poteat joined starfleet medical, to gain his paramedic and eventual fleet assignment. He was assigned to the USS Kirk

His first away mission saw him tasked with being the medic for a science team. The team contracted a mysterious alen virus with mutagenic characteristics, side effect was madness. The senior members of the teamsuccumbed to its effects and rampaged throughout the ship, Poteat was spared, but at a price. He found that he had been mutated to a humanoid feline form with no hope of a cure.


Service Record

USS Kirk

USS Beissman


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