Site Credits

Editing or removal of the following credits constitutes a material breach of the SMS Terms of Use outlined at the SMS Terms of Use page.

SMS 2 makes extensive use of the jQuery Javascript library as well as multiple jQuery plugins. By default, SMS includes the jQuery UI, clickMenu, Link Scrubber, Shadowbox, Facebox, and Reflect jQuery. More information about the versions and uses of the plugins can be obtained from the simm's webmaster.

SMS 2 uses the open source browser detection library phpSniff to check for various versions of browsers for maximum compatibility.

The SMS 2 Update notification system uses MagpieRSS to parse the necessary XML file. Magpie is distributed under the GPL license. Questions and suggestions about MagpieRSS should be sent to

SMS 2 uses icons from the open source Tango Icon Library.

Add and remove icons from the PI Diagona Pack created by Colorization by David VanScott.

SMS 2 includes a stardate script developed by Phillip Sublett. Information on the script can be found at his site, TrekGuide.

The rank sets (DS9 Era Duty Uniform Style 2 and DS9 Era Dress Uniform Style 2) used in SMS 2 were created by Kuro-chan of Kuro-RPG. Please do not copy or modify the images in any way, simply contact Kuro-chan and he will see to your rank needs.


Brian Davidson CO of the USS Biessman