Mission Logs
What Once Was Lost   [ Posts: 0 ]
The Biessman is tasked with leading the Rapid deployment regiment along with elements of the fourth and fifth fleet to push back into the occupied territories. With the Centurion Control Network seemingly crippled during operation Neptune, no one is certain what kind of resistance can be expected from within Cardassians, but the opportunity to push back into Cardassian controlled space is too great to pass up.
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Ghost in the Shell   [ Posts: 0 ]
An unknown power reading is detected within the Starbase 11 security perimeter, the USS Clancy was despatched to investigate and has reported back a Cardassian Scarab a drift in space.

The USS Biessman is tasked with boarding, taking control of, and returning to Starbase 11 with the Scarab.
Operation Bodyguard   [ Posts: 0 ]
Intelligence recently secured from the remains of the USS Columbus indicate the presence of a Cardassian Command and Control hub nested in the Luratian System, deep within Cardassian space. Unable to pull ships from the front lines, but unwilling to pass up such a tempting target, Starfleet strikes an uneasy deal with the Romulans to send a joint strike force to plant an order in the Cardassian Centurion control network which could cripple the Cardassian war machine, if not end the war entirely.
In Front Of Them All   [ Posts: 0 ]
The USS Biessman launches from the DR-32 shipyards escorted by the newly commissioned USS Vendetta, going behind enemy lines to disrupt the manufacturing arm of the Cardassian military.
Reinforcements Have Arrived   [ Posts: 0 ]
The USS Biessman tasked out of Starbase 11 is sent to a Federation Colony on the Cardassian border. Contact was lost with the planet several weeks ago. Military Intelligence sent an operative to the planet who found that it had been invaded by the Cardassians and the populace were being kept captive. The USS Biessman is to liberate this planet.
Rising Tide   [ Posts: 0 ]
The bulk of the Federation Fleet in and around the Isis system is recalled to the DR-32 Yards when it is discovered the Cardassians plan to launch a full assault on the key Federation ship building center in the region. The men and women of Starfleet work tirelessly to make ready for the coming battle, but many fear that their efforts are futile as the Cardassians press towards the Yards.