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Title   New Forums
Category   General News
Author   Major Lauren Ndoci
Posted   Sat Nov 15, 2008 @ 10:40pm

Well itís been more than a month but we finally have our new forums up and operational. I would like all members to register on our new forums, You will find that the forums are structured very similar to our previous boards, with a few missing threads, and no posts. The cost of moving all the data and acquiring software to make our new boards compatible with our old posts was prohibitively expensive. I will be working with several other admins to migrate as many of our old IC posts as possible to the new boards. Please donít hesitate to start up old threads or resurrect old topics.

In order to facilitate a smooth and rapid return to activity there will be a fleet wide roll call in effect starting now, and ending on the 23rd. All members will need to create an account on the new forums, and post a response in the appropriate roll call thread on the board or they will be removed. You should set up your account exactly as it appeared on the old forum, including your signature. If you wish to change your handle, please PM me to let me know that youíve made the transition under a new name. If you have any questions, I can still be reached on the old forum Via PM or via Email at any time (

Please also take some time to familiarize yourself with our boards new features, you should find that our new forums are somewhat more user friendly. I will be posting the first post for mission 14 tonight, and expect the other captains to follow suit in returning to activity as soon as possible. Hopefully this down time has left you refreshed and eager to get back in the game!

-Robert Morris EFCO