Key Dates & Events From 2379 to the Present

2379 • Shinzon assassinates the Romulan senate and seizes control of the Empire.
• Riker marries Commander Deanna Troi. He accepts the captaincy of the USS Titan, leaving the Enterprise-E.
• The Enterprise-E travels to Romulus to meet Praetor Shinzon. Shinzon attempts to destroy the Enterprise-E as part of a plot to launch a war against the Federation. Data is killed
2380 • A dominion Battle ship enters the alpha Quadrent Carrying the founder, Odo. The ship Brings an offer of Peace, hoping to establish an alliance between the Dominion and the Alpha Quadrant powers.
• The Alpha/Gamma Quadrant Peace Accord is signed by the Federation, Romulan, Klingon, and Dominion powers, bringing a new sense of peace and stability to the region.
• Legate Garak is elected Cardassian Prime Minister in the First Democratic election in the Union since the end of the Dominion War.
2381 • Cardassia Prime begins to have trade restrictions reduced, and is once again a viable economic base.
• The Federation Begins plans to construct a long range vessel, capable of exploring deep space with out the need for support facilities. The Command Carrier will have a massive internal volume, and be able to Support a small fleet of ships.
• Romulus Cuts down on war ship production in favor of public works programs to lessen civil unrest after the Reman uprising
2382 • The Borg Begin their invasion decimating the Na'kuhl empire.
• The USS Yorktown is lost while investigating the Situation in Na’Kuhl Space.
• Elements of the Ninth and Seventh Fleets engage the Borg
• The Borg Adapt to the Federation’s Transphasic Torpedoes, and decimate the Allied Forces
• The Borg Remain Dormant in Na’Kuhl Space for the next three years
• The Klingon Empire sent more then half of their ships to their borders and began fortifying every one of their star systems.
• The Romulan Star Empire kicked their ship building back into high gear and set up a massive sensor network through their space.
2383 • The Romulan’s sign a Joint Defense Pact with the Order Realm to help defend themselves against the Borg.
• Elements of the second fleet evacuated the Kovar Colony and dismantled their three bases of operations near the Na'kuhl border.
2384 • Starfleet Engineers Introduce a New powerful weapon to the Fleet. The energy cannons employ an advanced self modulating directed energy system to deliver more energy then conventional phasers or Disruptors.
• The New weapon is integrated into the Comand Carrier design, but proves to be difficult to implement into existing vessels because of complications with their EPS and power transfer systems.
2385 • The Borg begin their invasion of Romulan Space
• Sharona is assimilated after a Fleet of 617 Romulan craft fail to stop the Borg invasion force
• The Borg Attack the Klingon Empire
• The Klingon Empire Petitions The Federation For Membership, and are accepted
• A Klingon Armored Station is constructed in Orbit of Earth, and Construction begins on a Klingon Ship yard at Utopia Planitia
• The Borg Attack the Cardassian Union sending a single Cube to Engage a force of 79 Keldon Class Vessels
• After their defense Forces are descimated the Cardassian union Requests membership in the United Federation of Planets.
2386 • The Cardassians Construct an Advanced Robotics Facility in Earth Orbit for the Construction of Dreadnaught Warheads and Centurions
• elements of the Ninth Fleet are recalled from the Gamma Quadrant and assigned to defend Bajor. The colony on Altor 2 in that quadrant is abandoned, and Deep Space Fourteen is stripped of anything useful and destroyed to keep it from falling into enemy hands.
• Twenty Breen ships arrived at Deep Space Nine. They reported that the Borg had attacked them, wiped out a majority of their fleet and destroyed their home world.
• The Borg Launch Their Second Offense Against the Romulan Star Empire
• The Borg Invade the Yukon System obliterating the Forth Fleet, as well as assimilating all evacuation ships. This is the First major Borg Incursion into Federation Space.
• The Borg Launch another invasion of Romulan Space, meeting heavy resistance they eventually overrun the Romulan Defenses.
• Starfleet sends the two task forces from the Third Fleet along with sixty two Dominion vessels to Qualor 2 to be ready if the Borg continued forward beyond Romulan space.
• Contact is lost with Deep Space Four and Deep Space Five. Captain Riker on the USS Titan is sent to find out why. The Titan reports both stations destroyed and Borg ships inbound. It was the last transmission ever received from the vessel.
• Thirty nine Romulan ships arrive at Earth led by the Romulan Star Navy's flagship; the IRV Valdore under the command of Admiral Tebok. Aboard the Valdore are the remaining Romulan Senators and Ambassador Spock.
• The Romulan Star Empire officially joins the United Federation of Planets
• Construction Begins on Unity 1 at Wolf 359. The station will be among the Most Advanced ever constructed.
2387 • The USS Lavigne locates a new Borg Transwarp Hub.
• A mission is planned to distract the Borg armada and to send a small strike force though the Hub to attack the Unimatrix and deliver a destructive pathogen to the Collective in hopes of stopping the Borg.
• The combined Romulan/Klingon strike force launches their second attack; this time against Unimatrix Zero One itself.
• The Allied Forces succeed in destroying the Unimatrix as well as the Transwarp Conduit network, escaping back into the Alpha Quadrant.
2388 • The Bajoran Wormhole opens and over five thousand Dominion ships pour into the Alpha Quadrant. Odo, the Dominion’s leader, reports that the Borg have destroyed the Founder’s home world and completely ripped though their space.
• Starfleet Forces seal the Bajoran Wormhole to prevent Borg Forces from using it to enter the Alpha Quadrent.
• DS9 is abandoned, and destroyed by Federation Forces
• The Tarsus System is lost to the Borg
• A Kimira Industries warship enters Tarsus and deploys a biogenic weapon on Ithid, an assimilated M-class world. The effect to the Borg is devastating; the pathogen spreads like wildfire through the surrounding Borg forces. It is estimated that over 200,000 drones were eliminated by the use of this super weapon.
2389 • The USS Enterprise E leads a joint defense force into Klingon Space to fight off a Borg Invasion Fleet.
• The USS Enterprise warps into orbit of Khitomer, and declars the Qo’noS is gone. Captain Worf then takes a small fleet back into Klingon space to attempt to recover survivors.
• The Enteprise discovers a small group of Klingon survivors, and sets a course for the Briar patch to attempt to avoid combat with the Borg. The force is presumed lost by the federation.
• The federation falls back, out of Klingon Space, and continues its program to upgrade it’s defensive instillations.
2390 • The Borg Launch their offensive against Betazed
• Romulan and Federation ships attempt to hold back the massive Borg armada, but it proves to be futile. The Borg firmly establishe a position at Betazed from which they could attack any number of key Federation worlds.
2391 • Ambassador Spock is elected Federation Presiden
• Khitomer falls to the Borg
• Borg forces from Betazed converged with forces in Tarsus and the Klingon front pushing further and further into Federation space, attacking Bynaus and Qualor II. The combined Federation-Dominion task force assembled there fought hard for Qualor, but were overwhelmed by the Borg.
• A second Centurion Construction Plant is completed at Unity One in Wolf 359.
2392 • The Borg re-direct their forces back into the Alpha Quadrant, and attacke Unity 1 and its combined Federation/Cardassian/Dominion defense fleet stationed there.
• Federation Forces capture a Borg Probe and determine the Location of Several Borg Facilities in the Alpha Quadrent as well as the Status of the Borg Fleet in the Area.
• The Allied task force and Unity 1 are destroyed by the Borg along with most of the Cardassian fleet and Legate Garak.
• A large force of Federation star ships escape the battle and fleet to the secret DR-32 Yards.
• The Dominion's 43rd battalion move to attack the Khitomer base while Starfleet's Sixth Fleet and the Dominion's 42nd battalion prepare to hit the one in Cardassian space. Both units arrived at their targets two days later and attacked.
• Both Fleets successfully destroy their targets, but sustain massive casualties in the Process.
2393 • A lone Cube enters the Sol system. It destroys the research outpost of Jupiter Station, the Dominion shipyards and Jem'Hadar cloning facilities before attacking Utopia Planitia.
• The Federation Begins to Rebuild its ship building and research facilities.
2394 • Starfleet sends out another Attack force to deal with the Borg Facilities in Cardassian Space.
• Commodore Tom Paris leads the combined efforts of a Klingon, Dominion, and Starfleet battle group. The fleet moves in force and attackes. While Borg ships are drawn off, a single ship, the USS Avenger enteres the nearby star's corona, and uses a modified tractor beam to force an expulsion of stellar matter that rippes the shipyard apart. The Allied fleet survives the counter-attack and falls back to Earth.
2395 • The Federation continues to rebuild its infrastructure, as the Borg struggle to recover from the damage done by the attack in Cardassian Space.
2396 • The Borg Used their Logic Bomb against the Soho yards with devastating effects. All ships and stations at the Yard were lost except the USS Horus, which had been cycling its computer systems at the time of the attack.
2397 • The Son’a Join the Federation
• Several Borg ships are destroyed when they enter the Briar patch after perusing the USS Archer.
2998 • The Borg mounted their final invasion of the Sol system
• The Federation forces holding up in the briar patch returned to earth in time to aid in the defense of the system
• On Sunday December 27, 2398 the final Borg Vessel in the Alpha quadrent was destroyed
2399 • The Federation Remains close to earth fearful of additional Borg attacks
• The First Fleet is officially reformed as the earth defense force
• The Majority of the fleets focus remains on the re-construction of earth’s infrastructure.
• The Federation constructs a small number of new war ships, as well as a number of orbital defense platforms.
2400 • On January First 2400, the Federation officially declares victory over the Borg.
• 24 days after V-Day the Federation receives a broad spectrum sub space message from the USS Cole, 23,000 personnel survived the attack on Unity 1, and fallen back to the DR-32 yards.
• Elements of the Third and Fifth fleets launch a full Re-exploration Initiative, to search for survivors under the Command of Admiral Zuchov.
• The Federation completes a experimental slip stream drive system.
• The USS Aurora is completed at the DR-32 Yards, and is fully equipped with a slip stream drive system.
2401 • Efforts Begin to refit a third of the fleet with slip stream drive technology
• Alpha-Centari is re-explored; several hundred survivors are discovered on the planet.
• A formal outline for the Re-Exploration of the Galaxy is formed.
2402 • Vulcan is Re-explored
• Several Romulan Survivors are found on a crashed Romulan War bird in the Tarsus system
• Andor is Re-Explored
2403 • Bajor is Re-Explored
• The Cardassians launch an independent Re-Exploration of their system with their own fleet as well as a small compliment of Federation Colon ships.
• Nearly a third of the Romulan forces, primarily those under the command of Admiral Jacir, leave the Federation
• The Tholians had began a wide scale colonization of many of the H-class planets in close proximity to the Vulcan home world
• The Cardassians begin construction of Lipvok Nor in the Maltis Asteroid Belt
• The Cardassians assert that the outpost was a legitimate project to benefit the Cardassian people, and that the resources being extracted would benefit not only the Cardassians but all the members of the Federation. The Cardassians promise that the facility will help to alleviate the desperate resource crunch which has stunted the Federation’s efforts to reconstruct its fleet.
2404 • Admiral Shepherd steps up efforts, transferring additional ships to re-exploration duty as pressure increased and fears of additional Borg incursions decreased.
• The Cardassian’s Request the removal of Federation attachés from Cardassian worlds.
• Lipvok Nor is Completed ahead of schedule
• large Sections of the Station are closed off to federation personnel for ‘safety reasons’
• Construction Begins on The Second Command Carrier USS Devestator at the DR-32 yards
• the Cardassians at Lipvok Nor built a total of four shipyards with out the consent of the Federation government
2405 • The Cardassians at Lipvok Nor begin construction on 10 Hutut class dreadnaught carriers as well as a multitude of other Cardassian vessels using the resources extracted from the surrounding asteroid fields.
• Gul Venok also began systematically removing non-Cardassians from vital areas of the station
• The Devestator’s space frame is completed
2406 • the Cardassians at Lipvok Nor cut off the flow of supplies from the star base to the Federation
• The Cardassians remove a number of federation officials from Cardassian worlds
• Starfleet estimates the Cardassian Military has doubled in size from its capacity in 2400
• The Bajoran prime minister personally visits Starfleet Headquarters in San Francisco regarding Lipvok Nor
• Gul Venok issues an order that all non-Cardassian personnel be removed from the station by early 2406
• The USS Vendetta is dispatched to the Maltis belt with orders to recover all Federation personnel, and represent Federation interests in a Cardassian summit
• using some of the information procured from the facility, recovered the USS Grant.
• A standoff took pace at supply depot JL-12 in the Tibious system. A fleet of four Galors lead by a Keldon took an aggressive posture when the station commander refused to pass a Cardassian freighter which failed to submit cargo for inspection.
• Two Federation vessels, the Scotto and Debora, are attacked by a pack of three Galors.
• several federation ships destroy a Cardassian freighter which was believed to be transporting materials for the construction of high power weapons.
2407 • The Contents of the Cardassian Carrier are identified as nadion, their origin how ever remains an mystery
• A Klingon Vorcha class is discovered in the Athos Nebula with remnant weapon signatures consistent with that of a Son’a Cruiser nearly leading to an intergalactic incident.
• The USS Truman determines the weapon signatures were not in fact that of a Son’a vessel, but rather those of a vessel designed to leave residuals nearly identical to that of a Son’a warship
• The Ol’nar conference is held in orbit of Sherman’s planet and is meant to support cooperation among federation members.
• The decision is made to move the conference to the USS Vendetta for security reasons because of suspicious warp signatures in the area.
• The origin of the Nadion in the Cardassian freighters in traced back to a sealed mine on Sherman’s planet. The Vendetta’s teams were successful in stopping the Cardassian mining operation by destroying the shaft, and all the Cardassian forces in it.
• On Star date 84329.68 Fita Gul Venok Declared Cardassian independence and the Creation of a new Cardassian state, making huge territorial demands, the federation is unwilling to surrender what are seen as vital planets to the Cardassians.
• The Federation enters into preliminary negotiations with the civilian branch of the Cardassian Government in an attempt to avoid a war, how ever it quickly became apparent that any “Civilian Government” was no more then a front for a military dictatorship.
• The second, third, and eight fleets are called back to help establish a defendable parameter around key Federation Worlds.
• The Re-exploration initiative is placed on hold well more ships were ordered to patrol the Cardassian Front
• For nearly a month the Cardassians operate as a sealed state, no one enters, no one leaves.
• The Cardassian two year offensive begins, marked by raids of wolf packs of Cardassian vessels against isolated Federation ships on patrol.
• A Cardassian task force of over 15 ships arrives at the McCoy Re-Supply Depot. They demanded the entire contents of the station be surrendered. The Station is sacked, and all cargo of value is taken, The Cardassians then destroy the Depot as well as the USS Nobel which had returned after the fighting began
• The Federation looses four systems in the course of a month as the Cardasians march forward virtually unhindered. In response the Federation reinforces its patrols doubling the number of federation vessels on the boarder, how ever the Cardassian’s continue to hunt down individual ships, picking off Federation vessels one by one.
2408 • The Federation discovers the Cardassians are massing a fleet in the Tibrus system in preparation for an attack against a federation supply depot in the Argonas system in orbit of Aron IV. In response Starfleet immediately dispatched a fleet of their own ships into the region.
• The Cardassians break through the Aron IV line, and then engage the remaining federation ships, overrunning the outpost, as well as capturing a near by Klingon facility.
• Cardassian forces capture a number of Class M planets with large non-Cardassian populations. The Federation attempts to come to an agreement with the Cardassian Government to remove Federation citizens from occupied worlds, but no agreement could be reached. These area of space becomes known as the Occupied Territories.
• Horror stories of Cardassian oppression begin to flood from the occupied territories. The Bajoran people continued to compel the Federation to retrieve the Civilians in the occupied zone.
• The Cardassian Genocides on the planets of A’vol and Nev’talc take place, killing an estimated 4 billion people over a two month period and sending shock waves through out the Quadrant.
• The federation offers to surrender the three planets to the Cardassians in exchange for the evacuation of the civilian populations in the occupied territories. Several nebula class vessels were dispatched to the colonies to pick up the few surviving federation civilians and personal. The evauation ships are destroyed by Cardassian war ships with a loss of all hands including a large number of Klingon Civilians.
• Chancellor Martok takes nearly 100 Klingon ships into the occupied territories, and sacks every Cardassian base they can find, taking supplies, weapons, and what ever else The Cardassians had.
• The USS Ronald Regan is destroyed by a massive Cardassian Vessel. This ship would come to be known as the Obsidian. In response to the Reagan crisis, a meeting of some of the top brass of the Federation was called in order to discuss the incident and what the Federation’s response should be. It was concluded that releasing information related to the Obsidian would only lead to wide spread panic.
• The Gorn homogony sign a joint defense agreement with the new cardassian government, proving the Cardassians with access to thier experimental Co-Axial Warp technology. A fleet of Cardassian ships quickly move into Gorn space to help defend their new ally.
• Starfleet attempts to capture Nev’talc for use as a staging ground to launch attacks into Cardassian space. Starfleet succeeds in landing troops on the planet, but fail to hold the system, leaving 7,000 Starfleet marines on the planet.
• Starfleet forces attempt to spear head an attack into the Chin'toka system. The Cardassians repel the attack.
• The Romulan representative in the Federation Senate issues a formal protest with the Federation Government claiming that a Federation vessel attacked several Romulan craft, abducting members of the ships crew, and severally damaging the vessels. A full investigation into the matter is launched. How ever no discernable conclusions can be drawn.
• The USS Vendetta is dispatched to the Centaur Nebula to deploy a highly advanced sensor probe that will observe the creation of a star system over the next hundred years. While in the nebula, the Vendetta receives a distress call from an unknown Federation vessel in a nearby system. The Vendetta discovers the Federation carrier USS Tiger Claw, presumed to have been lost during the Borg War
• The Tiger Claw is discovered to be under the control of the secretive section 31 and is identified as the vessel which had raided the romulan craft. The ship is destroyed by a fire in its ordinance bay.
2409 • determined to further investigate the situation the Vendetta heads towards Romulus, and discovers the Romulan fleet which left the Federation in 2403. The Romulans implement a plan to eliminate the section 31 threat, by capturing the head of section 31. The operation how ever breaks down, and the section 31 leader is killed.
• The Federation leads a series of investigations into the very nature of Section 31. In these inquiries, known as the Section 31 hearings, a large number of admirals and captains are charged with illegal activities carried out in the name of the Federation. In coordination with the Romulan Tal’shiar and Federation Internal Security, the Federation makes over 300 arrests, court-marshalling 80 people including two admirals, stripping 90 officers of rank, in addition to a variety of other punishments.
• Planning begins for another offensive into the Occupied Territories consisting of a smaller task force landing troops on Nev’talc as well as a diversionary attack on the Da’har shipyards.
• The USS Relentless Leads a task force of 10 vessels into the Occupied territories to conduct raids on Cardassian infrastructure. The Relentless cripples the Cardassian’s ability to re-supply their lines near Nev’talc
• The initial operation was disastrous, nearly a third of the invasion fleet was lost, and Federation forces were pushed back out of the Occupied Territories. The attack at Da’har yielded far better results. 92% of ship building facilities in the region were destroyed.
2410 • The Federation leads a third offensive into Nev’talc, this time with overwhelming force. The Cardassian’s are successfully pushed out of the area, and Federation forces secure the planet.
• It is discovered that the Cardassians had been conducting secretive mining operations in the polar region, however it is not entirely clear what the Cardassians had recovered from deep beneath the planet’s crust.
• All Cardassian forces go into full retreat in an apparent withdrawal from a large section of the Occupied Territories. The reason for this withdrawl came under great scrutiny from
• There is a split amongst the admiralty on how to deal with this new situation. Many support a full push into Cardassian space, in an attempt to reclaim vast sections of the Occupied Territories. Others support a massive campaign to completely rebuild the Federation fleet before launching any offensive back into the Occupied Territories. A third moderate group wants to determine exactly what the Cardassians were planning. The Federation in turn dispatches several ships into the Occupied territories to conduct reconnaissance missions.
• A massive sub-space anomaly appears near Gamma Tauri. Prior to the event, a number of the colonies in the surrounding area had been evacuated by a secretive group named Kimira Industries. Initial fears of a Cardassian super weapon were quickly put to rest when a brief message originating from the anomaly called for the assistance of the USS Vendetta, revealing a massive incident on a secretive research complex.
• The Relentless discovers that the Cardassians are disassembling many of their forward bases and facilities. On the eighth day of her mission the Relentless encounters a massive Cardassian base in the Rakai system. Quickly returning to the Federation to report her findings.
• The intelligence reports collected by the Relentless were immediately called into question after listening Satellites detected several suspicious transmissions. It appeared that the Cardassians had fed the Relentless false intelligence.
• The USS Vendetta discovers that the Anomaly near Gamma Tauri is in fact a man made sub space super weapon designed by Kimira Industries to be used against the Cardassian people, with the intention of wiping out the Cardassian race. Unwilling to stand complacent in the face of genocide, the crew devised a plan to disable the Kimira weapon.
• Kimira Forces use their weapon to destroy a small contingent of Cardassian and klingon ships which had been in orbit of their facility. The facility is subsequently disabled, and Cardassians secure the device. Captain Rick Biessman is thrown onto the device and assumed to be lost.
• The Federation begins a massive campaign to locate the remaining devices to prevent them from falling into Cardassian hands.
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